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RA Guide

Human Subjects training

CITI training

RAs must complete this online training in order to run human subjects at UMass. Take the Group 2 course; it generally takes about 1-2 hours to finish, though you have the option to save your progress and return to it later. RAs should forward the link to their certificate of completion to the lab manager.

Psychological and Brain Sciences ethics training

Attending PBS ethics training is mandatory for any undergraduates using the Psych pool. RAs will need to list their first and second choice of times. Since the training is offered mainly at the start of each semester, it's critical to sign up early. Five College students should have their PI or graduate student mentor sign them up, as you need a UMass email to fill out the pre-registration form. RAs must be CITI-certified before attending the PBS training.

Earning independent study credit

RAs should speak with their PI and the department secretary to work out earning independent study credit.

SONA researcher account

Email the lab manager to get the researcher role added to an RA's account. See the SONA guide for how to add an RA to your study.

Lab Machines & Shortcuts

See this guide for an overview of how to use lab computers.