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Other Resources

Resources at UMass

The UMass Department of Linguistics list resources for grad students, faculty, and other humans here. You can also sign up for any of the ling department mailing lists, including ling-psych, here.





SideEye: a python package for processing eyetracking data (as DA1 files) created by Amanda Doucette, an alum of the CSL Lab. You can find the documentation here.

R and RStudio for data analysis.

From Adrian Staub and Chuck Clifton at the UMass Eyetracking Lab:

Scripter2 is a Perl program which takes a tab-delimited file of stimuli as input and returns a .script file for use in the Eyetrack program.

Robodoc is a Python program which does automatic trial exclusion from .asc files based on blink/track losses and incorrect display changes, producing .DA1 files.


Remote printing

To print remotely to the copy room, you'll need to download the correct printer driver for your OS, which you can find here. Open the setup, then it should find the copy room printer automatically. If not, you should be able to enter the IP address of the printer to find it yourself (see the lab or department manager for the address if you don't have it).

Online corpora

See this list compiled by Anne Curzan.